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The Road to Tuckaway Tree Farm

Seven years ago, we (Larry and Ashley Latta) stumbled across the picturesque Tuckaway Tree Farm property while exploring the area around our wedding venue. We immediately knew we'd love to make it ours. It wasn't a quick route, but with lots of dreaming and planning, we made Tuckaway Tree Farm our home in May 2020. We can't wait to share this magical place with you and your families. Stay tuned for updates as we restock and grow trees that will become part of your Christmas tradition.

Ashley & Larry at Tuckaway Tree Farm
Tuckaway Tree Farm Logo


Tuckaway Tree Farm grows quality evergreens for landscaping and Christmas. Located in McAlevy's Fort, Tuckaway Tree Farm is just 15 miles from both State College and Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. 

Tuckaway Tree Farm has a long history of providing wholesale and retail Christmas trees as well as balled and burlap live trees for landscaping. The farm is currently restocking and growing trees to re-open for choose-and-cut Christmas trees.

Owner, Larry, at Tuckaway Tree Farm


We're growing multiple varieties of evergreens including Douglas Fir, Concolor Fir, Balsam Fir,  Canaan Fir, and White Pines. Our family is working hard to restock and grow your future Christmas trees.  

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